Chairy – the Active Chair

CHAIRY – the Active Chair

To date the best known solution for a healthy and harmless sitting.


The product range will comprise of three main products:


Active Chair

Designed for active sitting with elements of exercise and stimulation of the dorsal muscles, which help correct posture. With technological support in the form of built-relevant sensors and connectivity of appropriate software, the user can view the correctness of seating and intensity and progress on their smartphone device. The chair will also feature a unique magnetic energy inserts that will have soothing effect on the well-being of the user.


Active Chair with backrest

Upgrade of an active chair that will include an integrated console, system lock operation to a chair, and built-in wheels to move the chair. This will give the user a choice of functionality of an active chair as well as the possibility to transform easily active chair into a conventional office chair.


Games Console

Upgrade of an active chair in the games console will include the installation of technological elements that will enable playing video games through tilting the chair. With this upgrade playing games will be enriched with new utility and value.



It is estimated that 75 – 80% of all people suffer from more or less expressed problems with lower back pain at least once in their lives.


Almost everything we do requires the co-operation of the spine. Back problems are rarely the result of a single activity or accident. They depend on how the individual is sleeping or sitting, his or her working habits, how he or she copes with challenges of emotional stress at home and at the workplace etc. Lower back pain is the second most common pain rihgt after headache thus it can be considered a normal life experience.


Due to the high occurance lower back pain has become a very large social, medical, psychological, industrial and financial problem.


Anatomically speaking, the modern man is still the same man from prehistoric times who for the proper functioning of the body needs movement. Since we live in a mostly sedentary civilization, it is necessary to consider how to create op- portunities for movement and additional motoric inflows. Active sitting is a way to sit, where small-innings of the body position create an alternating load on the muscle groups, thus creating intervals of muscle activity and relaxation.


Our active chair solution successfully addresses the technical problem of active sitting with its unique, simple and transparent structure that allows optimum position to the whole body while sitting. Its implementation is very suitable for industrial production and use in various fields.


CHAIRY – the Active Chair – is to date the best known solution for a healthy and harmless sitting
It is the only chair that provides truly active sitting
It prevents spinal injuries and lower back pain
It s trengthens back muscles